SLX 28

Additional information

SLX Series Fire Proof Safes

The SLX series safes are objected to serious lines of tests under the close supervision of a renowned organization,

Fire tested to ISO 9001:2008, KSG 4500 Korean standards
by KOLAS laboratory.


Rated to be fire-resistant for 2 hours in 1000 Degrees Celsius, as well as receiving UKAS quality management certification.

2 Hours Fire rated
3 special keys included
Vinyl Floor to prevent scratches
Pre Drilled hole in the bottom for bolting (Screw
Lighting Digital Board with screen


High end Finishing
New Design (special colors)
Drawers in all models
5 year warranty
User friendly

Model External Size Internal Size Weight
SLX-28 (H) 28 cm x (W) 40 cm (D) 37 cm (H) 14.5 cm x (W) 28.5 cm (D) 24.5 cm 35KG



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